Third 366 project

“Animal kingdom”

Almost three years ago I’ve started my first 366 project. It was all about producing a small painting size 24×18 cm each day. The topic of it was not important. The goal was just to create and expand my imagination. Through it I developed my style and I proved to myself that I want to create till the day I pass. 
Pushing the boundaries of the imagination is one of the best part of being an artist. And as far I can remember I’ve been creating. But I wasn’t always consistent that’s why I started doing 366 projects. It keeps me focused for the whole year. Afterwards I can study the progress, till I decide to start a new one. 

The second 366 project was all about creativity. I’ve just posted a photo of some moment during the day. Or It was something that I’ve created. Some days there was just a quote from a famous person that I admire. But overall it again helped me to expand my mind and grow as an artist. 

To be honest it’s not always easy. Sometimes I work two different jobs. Additionally I help my family on the farm and on vegetables market from time to time. But at the end of the day I’m an ARTIST and I need to pushed it through and just create for myself. 

Now to talk about the third 366 project. 
With this one I want to create something bigger and better than before. I’ve decided to break it down to 12 large paintings. Each painting represents one month and even though I’ve started the project in the middle of July. The span of one month is always from 22t to 21t in the next month. Example 22 July – 21 August first painting and so on… In between at the end of the day I’m posting a progress of the current painting in the making. Or something evolving art in general. You can find those photos on my social media accounts. 
Topics of the paintings will be diversified and will solely depend on my interest at the given moment. On the end of the project I’m planning to make an exhibition. In which all of the 12 paintings will be on display and explained. 
The first piece is already in the making. I’ve decided to honour the animals from around the world. For that reason the title of the painting is “Animal kingdom”. 
It consist out of 21 frames and each represents a different part of the world. Every animal on the painting is in its natural environment. 
So far I’ve covered the sea world, Africa, Amazon, Tropical Rainforest, Arctic as well Antarctica, mangroves and mountains. 
Next stop is North America, Australia, the sky and the last frame I’ll be finishing it with Slovenian countryside. 
Honestly I’m very proud of the artwork so far. It helps me to learn new things every day and it keeps me focused.

Bonus: Just to inform you a little earlier. Next painting will be all about the greatest music hits. If you got any suggestion, be sure to write to me. 

Thank you.

Just imagine.

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