“Animal kingdom”

To get back to you, on the progress of the “Animal kingdom” painting.
This week I’ve manage to complete three frames and prepare one for the next week.
Tropical rainforest is alive and full of colourful animals. I tried to put in as many as I could. Given that it has such a great spectre of beautiful creatures. I just love the rainforest and that’s why I made it so vibrant. You can look and decide for yourself. What would you do differently?

Next to the tropic is Northern American landscape. In which you can find grizzly bears hunting for their lunch. While the salmon are just trying to get up the river stream to go mating. Behind this natures cycle you find two moose’s just chilling and observing. And on top of it all you can see a glimpse of Canadian beautiful mountain areas.
Have you ever been there? 

Yesterday I painted the “King of the sky” in the upper right corner. The eagle represents the birds and is going to keep an eye on the whole situation beneath him. I tried to capture its glory and to really bring out the massiveness and the power of its being. 
How do you feel about it?

Today I have prepared myself the upper left corner with the Australian landscape.
On Monday I’ll paint there at least three different animals that I admire in that area.
Platypus will swim under the water, while the koala bear is going to chill on the eucalyptus branches.  
The third animal is going to be a kangaroo. But I still haven’t decided if there is going to be just one or more. Probably depends on the vision I’ll have on Monday.  

This is all for now.
Thank you for reading and to see more photos – click here.
If you have any questions or wishes, you can always contact me! 

Just imagine. 

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Imagination is a highway for the vision! Anžo

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