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This painting is from the “Blueverze” special edition series. It shows a very dreamy composition as well as imagination. I wanted to play with the depth  as well as human sight when looking at the painting. 

You can see all kind of shapes casting their shadows. The principle of the painting is to see every object differently, depending on which you focus. And which triangle is beneath it. Now if I manage to pull that off is entirely up to you. If you can see it or imagine it, I did a good job. On the other side if you can’t imagine or do not see it. Then is just a painting with a full moon and a big city casting its lights on the objects in front of it.

I wanted to create this painting with a vision of some of the things humankind came up with it so far. And that we should be proud on everything that we accomplished in the mean time. The title says it all. You should feel a revelation while gazing into it. 

It all starts with a big blue ball on which we all live. All together we share the most important substance to us all and that is water. I like to prefer it ass blue gold, which is the foundation to our existence. It can save us, harm us, but instead it’s just keeping us alive. So we can dream and create what our imagination reveals to us. 

But the thing is, we many times forget about the balance in all of the things. That’s why, to the left of the ball you can see a strawberry and tomato. Helping each other to stay in harmony not to fall as should we as human beings. We always need balance to scale everything or just simple keep things in order. On the other hand, they represent the food and its importance for surviving.  
Water and food are essential to everything that has ever been build. 

As for example the slightly tilted pyramid. Which is a great monument of combined human strength and will. I’m a great admirer of them and I’ve painted them in a lot of my paintings over the year. But in this case, the sole purpose of it is just to represent one of the first big building blocks of our civilization.

Another great two examples of when humans working together are in the next triangle. You can find the viaduct or a pipe line. It doesn’t matter with which you are going, the result is the same. To get the blue gold from one part to another. 
Beside you can se a bridge which has brought us closer and hopefully, will keep us closer in the future. 

A small blue ball shows a molecule throughout which everything is connected. It’s a building block in its finest version. It represents the stage in human history, where we started to exponentially grow and evolve. Building faster and higher. Producing more food, expanding our life expectancy, discovering outer space and many more advantages.  

All together what I wanted to show with this painting is that we can achieve many things. We just need to put our differences aside, balance ourself and create to our best abilities. 

(The small person beside the tree is just depiction of me, staring at the glamorous scene in front of you.
And the blueeye on the balance board is my emblem. Which I carefully always included into a painting. ) 

Thank you for reading. 

This is the “Blue revelation” Acrylic on canvas, 2020, size 70 X 50 cm. By Anžo. 

Now available for you. 

Just imagine.

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Imagination is a highway for the vision! Anžo

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