“Animal Kingdom” by ANŽO / 2020 / Size 70 x 50 cm / Acrylic on canvas /

With this painting I have reached a new milestone in my art career as well as in my life. 
I also breached the first milestone of the new 366 project meaning that the first of 12 painting is finished. 

In this one I have really focused on details, shadows and perception. So that the painting would be alive as much as possible.
I tried to include as much animals and diversity as it would please the eye. You can find all areas of the world and their natural inhabitants. 

From the deep sea with all kinds of corals, fishes, crabs, shells and jellyfishes. To much more bigger residents as turtles, sharks and dolphins. Further to the northern sea or south sea, you can find orcs. On top of that ice there is a polar bear waiting along side penguins. And if we’re already on the cold. You can see the wolf and fox waiting in the mountain areas. While the snow owl is checking the area above them. 

More to the left there are grizzly bears feasting on the salmon, while the moose are chilling in the background in the Canadian countryside. 
Above the king of the sky is just landing from a long flight to take a rest. I’m especially proud of the eagle. Because it was my first time painting it and it really turned out great. What are your thought on it? 

All the way on the other side in the upper corner, there is Australian landscape. Guarded with the koala bear in the tree, while the kangaroo is running below. On the rocks by the water, frilled dragon is sunbathing and the platypus in swimming carefree bellow.
To the right is a beautiful piece of tropical rainforest and its abounded life.  From toucan guarding above, flying parrot, to playing orangutan. A thirsty jaguar by the river, sitting puma, a yellow viper slowly moving in the back. And few of really small animal that are harder to find as for example the blue dart frog, the red tree frog and beautiful blue butterfly. All living in a symbiosis in this painting. 

Further down we stop in African savannah where a family of elephants are trying to move into the shadow. While the hippos are bathing in the water and the rhino is just observing them. More into the background you can spot a small lion sleeping below the tree, zebras running away. And really in the back a giraffe having a meal by the tree. Once you finish admiring the African landscape, with the Kilimanjaro in the back. 
You can slowly transit into the amazon area. With the mangrove swamp full of life. You can spot the alligator swimming and the pelican beside him. A goose flying above, a small swamp frog and ladybugs on the left.

On the end of the journey you can finish in Slovenia and its beautiful green landscape. This is my home country and because of that I’ve depicted it right above in the centre. Along with two storks, Lipizzaner horse, cows, small great tit in the branches. And probably the most important animals of them all a small bee on the dandelion. 

Once you cross all the frames you can see that three small ones connect more of them. And they all hold special animals which represent unique worlds. Meaning that the shell with the pearl represents, water. As panda does the land and the dragon fly the sky. 

Regarding all of this we can finally observe the tree of life in the middle. I’ve putted it there as a symbol of life, because we should really cherished them more as there are the building blocks of life. The red in the background represent all the blood that has been spilled along the way and all the life around is a sign of hope for the better future. As well as a reminder of what a beautiful world we live in and that we should really observe it more.

Thank you for your time.


With respect, ANŽO

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Imagination is a highway for the vision! Anžo

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