Progress of “Music harmony”

Second painting in the series of twelve.

Few days ago I’ve entered in the second part of 366 project. Right now I’m at day 37 in overall. 
Recently I finished the “Animal Kingdom” painting. Now I’ve started working on the second painting in the series of 12.

The latest one is a dedication to music in general. But I’ll use songs that somehow made an impact on me. And I’ll produce “Music harmony” for you. 

Honestly I still don’t have a final list, because the list goes on and I just can’t include them all. But in the end there is going to be around 50 songs depicted in the painting. 

I’ve already added some classical as well as rock references into it. This is just to make a base line and to see where the painting is leading me. Most of the song are gonna be included after a depiction of all the devices I used to listen music on as I was growing up. 
But more on this topic, when the painting will actually be that far. 😉 

What I can say for now is that there will be a lot of diversity. As I like to listen to wide range of music. 
I will do my best to depict the songs in such a manner that you will quickly recognise them. 

So for the start, you can see above how I’ve started this painting. Let me know If you can already find any references. 

Otherwise, thank you for your time.


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