Stage 3 of “Music harmony”

Progress of the “Music harmony”

Yesterday I’ve entered into the third stage of music harmony painting.
Now I’ve started to paint the devices that helped me to listen and discover music. Alongside they also helped me to shape into the person I am today. But on that topic more in the future.
Today I would just like to point out some guidelines of the new painting.

So far I’ve manage to establish the background, started painting the radio and the walkman. And most importantly I’ve managed to reference a few song that have impacted my life.
What is currently shown in the painting, marked my childhood in terms of music. Then you could find me listening to classical music alongside some, rock, electro and pop. Till high school that is what I came across, and I used radio and walkman to listen. 

But later on I reach a new level and started to really explore music and what it can reveal to you. 
However all of this in the following weeks while I make more progress on the painting. 

What I can also say that I’ve divided the painting into four major areas and included all of the four basic elements. It all has its purpose and meaning that will be revealed in the end. 
For now 12 song are included and I’m satisfied of the work so far.

Can you point out which of the song do you recognise? 

Thank you for your time!


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