“Harvesting season third painting in series of twelve in the new 366 project.

It’s October and its harvesting season. Where all the goods slowly disappear from the nature into the farmers warehouses.
I grow up on a farm and every year this was very important time, because winter was coming and the stocks had to be well preserved. I always love this part of the year especially because I’m an artist and colours in this part of the year are just amazing. All the playing of the nature the changing of the season. The air is getting colder and easier to bright. My energy levels are going up. It’s just a beautiful time and I embrace it every year.

For this October as part of my 366 project, the third painting is in honour of the “Harvesting season”.
I depicted all kinds of goods that we harvest during this time and what we make out of them to keep us warm during winter. I’ve made a list of 21 beverages that we can get from the fruits, vegetables and herbs that we all encounter during the year. 
The painting is divided into two spectres. The one with platforms and the other in the background. On the platform there are now 12 beverages and their substance that I consume the most if any. Beside coffee and tea I don’t drink much alcohol but from time to time as a social thing a glass of whiskey or wine is suitable. Let just be clear I’m not in any way advocating alcohol I’m just pointing out what man has discovered during harvesting. And that sometimes is needed to keep you warm, or sterilise the wound or simply to make a toast to your dear friends. 

During this painting I’ve learned how we get to the final products through production, distillation, and many other processes. I’ve encountered many things I didn’t now till now. And hopefully when you’ll see the painting you’ll have the similar questions and try to find answers for yourself. 
The painting is divided into five parts. The middle brighter line of the beverages I sometimes indulge. Then the top left part which is liquor that I rarely consume but I’ve included it because its important part of human social endeavours. In the down right part you’ll find warm beverages and above them the fourth part of drinks that I also rarely consume but are tasteful. The fifth part is the one platform at the bottom of the painting is preserved for the area of drinks that I consume if having a stomach ache or similar problems. 

So to decipher the painting.

In the middle line, where the light shines the brightest you can find grapes and wine which is among us for thousands of years. 
It can show a man’s character or help someone to speak the truth. 
Then from the top to bottom in the same lane you find barley and a glass of whiskey, near to a glass of champagne which is mainly responsible for toasting at important moments in today’s society.
On the other side of the wine there are cognac with its fine character and the big glass of drafted beer which is one of the most popular drinks today alongside wine.

Moving on to the top left corner, you can see plums, pear and cherry representing the snops and its popularity during the winter season to keep you body warm. Beside it is potato which provides many factories their vodka. Then the Juniper berries which are used to produce gin and with that help the martini shown below them.  
The two porcelains cups are for saki along side rice, and further produced is also the rice wine which is stored in the glass next to it. The last one in this corner is a drink that as I heard helps forget many things while consuming it and that’s tequila. Produce out of the blue agave and in many cases drinkable with the help of a little salt and lime.  

In the down left corner the third part are the two warm cups of coffee and tea, which I like dearly and are on the daily schedule. Accompanied with a glass of juice.

Above in the fourth part are medica produce with the help of bees. Then you have sugar canes that gives us the liquor that gave pirates their courage at that’s rum. And beneath it is amaro for which the almonds need to be squeezed. 

The final fifth part is represented with herbal drinks. The Absinth accompanied with star anise, peppermint, melissa, which is a very strong drink. Next is Ouzo from Greece with coriander by its side. And the last one is Jågermeister which is made from 56 herbs, fruits, roots and spices and I didn’t include all of them. I consume it only in if I have stomach problems and that’s it. The popular herbs in the company are arnica, berries, juniper berries,…

I’ve could include many more but I think thats enough and these are the most common in our society. One more time I’m not in favour of alcohol all I’m saying if you know your manners it can be a fun social endeavour. 

In vino veritas! 

Thank you for your time, with respect Anžo!

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