“Around the world”

“Around the world” by ANŽO / 2021 / 60 by 80 cm / Acrylic on canvas /

“Around the world” painting is the number 6 in the series of 12. In this one I focused on the brilliant architecture of the humankind throughout the history.
I choose 18 of the most iconic monuments around the world which I admire. 
Each of this monuments are special, rare and mostly one of a kind.

From Asia I depicted the Great Chinese wall and the Forbidden city which I had the privilege to visit both. 
Not so far from them are depicted the Terracotta army from the Qing dynasty and the Cambodian temple Angkor Wat.
I also painted Taj Mahal which is located in India. 

From Australia I took the Sydney opera house, which is a beautiful building.
Then I moved to Easter Island (Rapa Nui) from where I painted the big sculptures named Moai. 

From there onto the Machu Picchu which I hope I can visit soon. 
Then I recreated the Itza pyramid in the Mexico and moved Up to New York where stands the Statue of Liberty. 

The Stonehenge is a historical monument which still bugs the scientists till this day and It’s a magnificent sight.
Not so far stands the Big Bang near Buckingham Palace.
Then I moved to Paris to paint the Eiffel tower which I visited last year and the view from it is just magnificent.
From the Spain I depicted the Akvadukt of Segovia which is part of the Roman water system and is one of the most preserved antic monuments on the Iberian Peninsula. 
Passing that I’ve focused on the Colosseum which represents old Rome and which I have visited few years back.
Then I painted Pantheon the symbol of the old Greece and with that the Europe tour is over.

Final two places I’ve painted are the Petra in Jordan a hidden jewel between mountains.
And the Pyramids which are one of my favourite monument and I wish to visit them since I was little. 

The list should be even longer but the space on the canvas is quickly full and the time that I have between months is always packed up. 
So this is my list of the 18 beautiful historical monuments built by extraordinary people. 
Which one is your favourite and what is your list?

With respect till next time, ANŽO!


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