“Colourful Big Bang” by ANŽO / 2021 / 80cm X 60cm / Acrylic on canvas

“Colourful Big Bang “

With this painting I wanted to go a little bit out of frames of the “normal” and wanted to capture a motion. 

Firstly the idea was to depict various different pigments of colours and from what material they are used. But then I had a change of heart in the early stages of the creation. 

So a Big Bang of colours was suddenly in the making. I liked the idea better and I’m satisfied with the end result.  But from the very beginning the whole point of the painting was to depict as many shades of colours as possible. 

In the end you can find 27 bigger shapes of various colours and then a few more of the little ones. To really capture the moment of explosion.

Hopefully I’ve managed to pull it off. 

I’ve made sure to put the basic three colours: blue, red and yellow in the middle. From which then all the other shades are created. 

The point of it all is simple; Express your own colours and don’t get lost in the crowd.  

To which colour are you drawn the most?


With respect, ANŽO 

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Imagination is a highway for the vision! Anžo

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