“Childhood dreams”

“Childhood dreams” by ANŽO / 2021 / Size 60 X 90 cm / Acrylic on canvas.

“Childhood dreams”

We all dreamed as kids and hopefully you are still a dreamer.

I placed this last painting from the 366 project into a 3D space to play with the perception. 
All the objects in the art piece are related to my story growing up. 
They all represent a memory or a wish and many of them have already come to fruition. 

You can find a piece of the sea in the left corner with a shark in it and a life boat in the back. 
Above is a swing and on the other side is an apple tree growing from another reality. 
In the right corner is a vinyl record representing MUSIC which is a big part of my life. 
Above are floating spices and fruits to refresh up the painting and in the middle the Blueverze eye. The upper left corner is dedicated to sky and space, the part of my life which I resemble the most. 
In the back of the painting is a wall dedicated to the house of my dreams and above the human heart which connects everything in the painting. 

For the final piece I’ve added a magnifying glass alongside the sea shore and stones in the search for a pearl! 

And it found it! 

Do you still remember your dreams or are you living them? 


With respect, ANŽO 

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Imagination is a highway for the vision! Anžo

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