“Between imagination and reality” 

Progress on the newest painting “Between imagination and reality” by ANŽO

“Between imagination and reality” 

This painting illustrates the world between imagination and reality. A collection of all places and subjects tells thousands of stories. Anyone who looks at the painting will be able to understand a part of themselves. With this art piece, I want to achieve that the individual will be able to recall different memories from the past or encourage ideas for the future.
But at a given moment, it makes sense for everyone to imagine the essence of themselves.

The figure covers a variety of topics; from history to the future, from philosophy to logic, from places to universe, from mountains to the sea and many other concepts …

I wish my purpose will be achieved over and over again so that each individual could identify with something. However, the real story will develop only at the end, when the painting is finished as I wish.

For now, I can offer you a rough outline of the current situation in the photo above. With this, I invite you to take some time and think about the painting and I hope that everything will take you to a calm state.


With respect, ANŽO 

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Imagination is a highway for the vision! Anžo

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