“The inventions“

The latest painting from my third 366 project is dedicated to inventions.
In the fourth month of the project I wanted to show the people what we have achieved through history as a society.  
There are countless inventions that I could involve in the painting but in the end I’ve chosen 22 of them. I’ve made my own list of those that I see are most important, but feel free to comment your list.

I’ve started with the basics.
A background representing the fire which cooks our meals and has kept us warm for thousands of years.  
The stone and bone tools to cut meat and other food. Then proceeded on the animal skin for warmth and spears for hunting.
The wheel deserves centre attention because it’s one of the most important invention of the history despite its simplicity. 

On the left its accompanied by the nails and hammer which helped built our society from the ground and a compass which helped to shows a way to the destination.

On the right side from the wheel there a clay pots for cooking and preserving food. On the far right side there is a calendar which helped us track time so we could plan ahead more precisely. 

Above the wheel you can find papyrus the one who is responsible for people to transfer their thoughts and Ideas on a preserved surface.
Then there is art and music the duo that helped people to evolve on an emotional level and to start dreaming more frequently. 

Great monuments were built with the help of bricks and cement. Eventually also with the steal objects such as screws, bars…
To produce books and spread knowledge helped the print.  
Also the birth of lenses accorded and so binoculars, microscopes and telescopes were born.
All that drove the man to discover new things. 

After that I’ve moved to discovery of the steam engine which provided the human kind with the industrial revolution. 
Which exploded with new inventions but the next one that I’ve choose to depict is electricity which changed the world for ever.
We moved to discovery of the telegraph and later the phone.
Devices that brought us together through the distance. 
And few years later the light bulb was discovered and the spaces could not be in the dark again. 

During all this changes radium was discovered. Because of this discovery doctors today can help billions of people using MRI scans.
Then we started to fly and wanted to see the whole world from above and travel to distant lands. 
And with the help of computers our society today can’t live without them. They helped reinvent modern era. 
The final piece of the painting is represented with the rocket. 
Device that holds our entire history in it. Everything that was ever discovered and created leads us to this point which can now send us to the outer-space. 

On the end it was a great month and I’m really glad I’ve decided on this topic. I’ve learned many new facts about our history. But the most important thing is that it got me to thinking, how far we came as a Society and what we can achieve as long as we work together in harmony. 

“The inventions”

  • Stone and bone tools 
  • Fire 
  • Animal skin, spear
  • Art and music
  • Wheel 
  • Nails and hammer 
  • Compas 
  • Clay pots 
  • Calendar, time
  • Papyrus 
  • Bricks and cement 
  • Metal 
  • Print 
  • Lenses 
  • Steam engine 
  • Electricity 
  • Telephone
  • Bulb 
  • Radiation 
  • Airplane 
  • Computer 
  • Space rocket 


With respect, ANŽO

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