“Garden of Eden”

Garden of Eden” by ANŽO / 2021 / 60 by 80 cm / Acrylic on canvas

Already 7 months went by of my latest 366 project. And for this month topic I decided to depict one of the most iconic ingredients that we enjoy in our food, beverages and delicious sweets.  

I grow up on a vegetable farm so food and harvesting are a big part of my life. 
Every year I helped during all the season so the vegetables and fruits really made an impact on me as well as on my art.
So in dedication to my family and ingredients, this month I’ve created the “Garden of Eden”. 

You can find ingredients from all over the world in all colours and shapes. 
But I’ve splitted the painting into three parts.
The main part in the centre are clouds and sky and on them are chillies, which are a big part of my life. I simply love spice food.

The second part that looks like a tunnel is divided into 12 parts. Each part containing a different food. 
The inner four parts have; Blueberries, green beans, coffee and green tea.
The middle 4 part have; Potatoes, paprika, grapes and tomatoes.
The outer 4 parts have; Apples, cocoa, vanilla, lemons, strawberries and goji strawberries.

Then in the third part of the painting you can see 16 blue platforms. Which contain ingredients, that we use to cook sauces, produce milk, spice up our food or simple eat them raw during meals.
From top centre you can find; Cocos, weed, olives, onions, lavender, basilica, figs, dates, carrots, parsley, curcuma, ingver, salt, pepper, mushrooms, walnuts, sugar cane, cinnamon, oregano, bay leaves, poppy seeds, sesame and the king of them the Garlic!

How many can you recognise and which of them do you use on weekly basis?

I wanted to include even more ingredients but the time and space on the canvas fell short. 
But in the end I’m really proud on the end result and proudly present you the “Garden of Eden”. 

It is now available. If you are a cook or simple love food picture yourself to have this in your home or office. 

Just imagine.

With respect, ANŽO

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