“Elements” by ANŽO / 2021 / 80 by 60cm /Acrylic on canvas /


I’ve created the painting number 8 in the name of common elements that surrounds us all on a daily basis.
In this painting are presented air, water, fire and earth as the four basic elements. In the upper corner I depicted galaxies and various stars. It’s all made out of different elements so everything is connected in a way.
You can see mountains as well as fertile ground in the back of the lemon. Both represent elements which we need to extract them from mining or digging. Then in a later process cleaning them up and turning in various ways to its finished forms. Such as coal, copper, iron, gold, oil, gems and so on… I will leave you with your imagination to think further. The lemon in the middle is a symbol of sweet and sour food which has one of the basic elements that we need to stay healthy. I really enjoy eating lemons and they are an important part of my daily life. That’s why I gave it such an important role in this painting. It holds bulging blocks to a healthy life. Much of other symbolism I leave to your interpretation and I welcome you to take a closer look of the painting.

Just imagine.

With respect, ANŽO

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Imagination is a highway for the vision! Anžo

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